About the Coalition

The Coalition Supporting Young Adults
(CSYA) is a collaboration of community organizations and individuals who are committed to transforming the way Louisville provides care for vulnerable youth and young adults. We accomplish this by listening to marginalized young people and connecting them with programs and other opportunities.

CSYA focuses on young people (16 to 24 years old) living in Louisville Metro, KY who are:

  • Currently not in school AND not employed, or
  • Have experienced one of the following since the age of 14 years:
    • Homelessness
    • In foster care
    • Involvement in the juvenile justice system
    • Suspended one or more times while in high school
    • Physical, mental or behavioral disability, including addiction
    • Dropped out of high school or college
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Live in a household with income at or below poverty

Activities and Accomplishments

Using the Collective Impact model of system change, the Coalition Supporting Young Adults creates, leads, participates in or supports activities that:

Understand the unique needs and goals of Louisville’s vulnerable youth and young adults, as they describe them;

Identify and advocate for community-wide policies and funding strategies that address these needs;

Build the capacity of service providers, educators, and interested adults to work more closely together and more effectively for vulnerable youth and young adults.


The Coalition Supporting Young Adults is led by an Executive Committee, representing a wide range of member organizations. Our administrative agent is the YMCA Safe Place Services, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.


In February 2011, Chef Nancy Russman’s concern that there were few services for struggling young adults in our community was the catalyst for a convening of a wide variety of service providers to determine whether there was sufficient interest in looking deeper into, and responding to, the situation. That initial convocation launched an effort that is still growing today.

Building on that initial interest and support, a second Community Meeting was held a few months later, and determined that the mission of the effort would be “To bring the community together to focus on Young Adults 16-24 who are in crisis without support.” And so the Coalition Supporting Young Adults was launched. Essential to its development and ongoing momentum is the Coalition for the Homeless, which provided administrative support and visionary leadership.


Louisville’s Coalition Supporting Young Adults grows stronger with each new member, volunteer or supporter. Join the movement to transform the way we assist our community’s struggling youth and young adults.

Join CSYA Louisville today!